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When your underground construction project requires advanced installation with tedious demands, you want to hire a contractor that is experienced. Stotts Construction Co., Inc. is equipped to handle a broad scope of heavy equipment work. Much of our work is repeat business which proves our quality of work. Stotts Construction’s verified record, premium equipment and focused attitude are all part of the package.


  • Horizontal Directional Drilling 
  • Rock Drilling

“Trenchless” method of installing underground pipes, conduits and cables in a shallow arc along a prescribed bore path by using a surface launched drilling rig. This method of installation causes minimal impact to the surrounding area and is used for installing water lines, sewer lines, gas lines, oil lines, product pipelines, telecommunications and power cable conduits. It is used for crossing roadways, waterways, congested areas and areas where other methods are not possible or are too costly. It provides for less traffic disruption, lower costs, deeper and longer installation, shorter completion times and it is more environmentally friendly.

Horizontal Auger Boring

  • Horizontal Auger Boring
  • Jack and Bore
The jack and bore method is one of the most economical and reliable ways to bore under objects such as established highways and railroads. The jack & bore method makes this task much simpler, while reducing labor costs and increasing productivity. Jack and bore or auger boring is accomplished with an auger boring machine by jacking a casing pipe through the earth while at the same time removing earth spoil from the casing by means of a rotating auger inside the casing.

Water, Sewer & Gas Line Installation

  • Force Main
  • Gravity Sewer
  • Water Line Installation & Replacement
  • Utility Line Relocation


  • Rock Trenching
  • Open Cut Trenching

For most any under-developed, “open area” jobs where disturbance to landscaping is not a problem, Stotts Construction can provide cost-effective trenching services to quickly complete the project.

Waste Water Lift Station

  • Dry-Well
  • Submersible

Install facilities designed to move wastewater through pipes from lower to higher elevation.

Pump Stations

  • Installation of Above and Underground Water Pump Stations

Excavation and Site Preparation

Hoe Ramming

  • Rock Excavation

Emergency Repairs

Pipe Fusion

Industrial Piping