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Stotts Construction Co., Inc.


Stotts Construction Co., Inc. began doing business as Stotts Trenching Company in 1982. As a young general contractor, the business focused on open cut trenching. The company became incorporated in 1989 and has now evolved into a full service underground utility construction company specializing in Horizontal Directional Drilling. Stotts Construction Co., Inc. works primarily with municipalities, Federal and State government contracts but has the experience and ability for any project. Our goal has always been to fit the proper prospective to each individual job. Much of our work is repeat business which proves our quality of work. Stotts Construction’s verified record, premium equipment and focused attitude are all part of the package. Professional service with a personal touch is our motto.

Stotts established the company in 1982 and their son, Barry Stotts, came aboard full-time in 1985.  Stotts Construction Co., Inc. recognizes the importance of quality on each project from start to finish and employees a team of highly skilled individuals.


Key Personnel

Porter Stotts Jr. – Founder

Connie Stotts – President / Owner

Barry Stotts – Project Manager / Foreman

Melissa Stotts – Administrative Assistant

Tammy Stotts  – Administrative Assistant

Recent Clients

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